December 2023

  • Statement on ADL politicizing antisemitism:

    The CEO of The ADL, Mr. Jonathan Greenblatt has testified before the Congressional ‘Way and Means’ Committee regarding the scourge of antisemitism that is currently plaguing Jewish Students on American campuses. Mr. Greenblatt has declared “It’s not free speech to incite, to intimidate or to threaten Jewish students simply because they are Jewish.” Torah Jews…

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  • Eidah Hachareidis Rabbinical Court Condemns So-called Religious Newspapers

    Statement in Response to the Religious Newspapers, and Temple Mount Visitors By the Beth Din Tzedek of the Eidah HaChareidis of Jerusalem Sunday evening, 6th of Teves 5784 (December 17, 2023) Everyone has long been aware of the damage done by newspapers that claim to be chareidi, when in fact they spread ideas that are…

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