Statement on ADL politicizing antisemitism:

The CEO of The ADL, Mr. Jonathan Greenblatt has testified before the Congressional ‘Way and Means’ Committee regarding the scourge of antisemitism that is currently plaguing Jewish Students on American campuses.

Mr. Greenblatt has declared “It’s not free speech to incite, to intimidate or to threaten Jewish students simply because they are Jewish.” Torah Jews certainly agree that violence or any means of incitement is never allowed nor to be excused. However, the ADL is circumventing the root cause of why Jewish Students are being seen as a target for the actions of a foreign country. The answer is straightforward.

The Israeli establishment and their associated organizations are very keen to promote the false narrative that Israel is somehow the ‘State of all Jews’. This sets the dangerous and profoundly misleading impression that Diaspora Jews ‘belong’ to Israel. The solution to this worrying trend is to disseminate the simple truth that the ‘State of Israel and its policies do not represent the Jewish people.’ Judaism is a religion, not a nationality.

Organizations such as the ADL are the chief advocates to enforce Israel’s status as a ‘Jewish State.’ Their actions increase the vulnerability of Jewish student across America and does the very opposite of fighting antisemitism.

We urge those worried about the safety of Jews to spread further awareness.