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The Nuclear Deal With Iran, and TTJ’s Radio Ad Campaign

What is the real motive of Bibi and his supporters in the US in opposing the Iran deal? Do they have the right to represent Jews in a matter of security? The radio campaign by True Torah Jews.

Last week, the world experienced an historic moment when an agreement was hammered out between Iran and the Western World, specifically the United States, the UK, France, Russia, China and Germany, over Iran’s secret nuclear program.

The historic news immediately sent shock waves around the world, and was generally received with extraordinary enthusiasm. We hope to G-d that this deal will prove to be a positive step leading to more peace and calm in the world arena. Certainly, the hearts of world leaders are in the hands of G-d.

On the other hand, opposition to the deal was heard from those who predict that it won’t work. The champion of this opposition is of course the Israel Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, who claims that the deal is a “mistake of historic proportions” and that it “made the world a more dangerous place”. Netanyahu immediately began working to mobilize his supporters around the world, especially in the US, to influence Congress not to give the deal its approval and thus prevent it from taking effect, and to convince Congress to up the sanctions on Iran instead of lifting them.

We are not going to go too much into the details of the agreement itself, and certainly won’t get sucked into the debate between the supporters and opponents of the deal. We are not nuclear experts, we didn’t sit for months at the negotiating table, and we certainly didn’t get any classified briefing of the secret talks. Our subject now is whom to trust: the five world powers, and the long, arduous work by Secretary of State John Kerry, or Bibi Netanyahu with his political Zionist friends in America, who are outspoken against the deal.

The world leaders also understand and know very well the danger of nuclear proliferation, for their own security and the wellbeing of their citizens. And after weighing all sides of the question, they have decided to agree to this deal. Congress has sixty days to debate the matter and decide what is best for our homeland America now and in future generations.The countries who accepted the deal did so after much hesitation and after long consideration of the different options and possible outcomes. Much work went in to drafting the agreement in order to gain the most possible for the interests of the Western nations.

But the responsible way in which leaders of countries looked out for their citizens and considered every side of the matter is the very opposite of the attitude of Israeli leaders and their supporters in America.

Netanyahu is the only leader, out of the 193 countries in the world, who never had any doubt for a second about any option with Iran that was brought on the table. Even before he heard the details of the current agreement, he lashed out against it. That makes us suspicious that he might have a hidden agenda of nationalist pride and values, rather than the wellbeing of Israeli citizens. We also suspect that in his wild outspokenness against our President Obama, he actually intends to make America less comfortable for Jews, in accordance with the Zionist doctrine that anti-Semitism in the Diaspora is crucial in bringing about the immigration of Jews to their state.

Minutes after the historic deal was announced, before anyone had had time to look over the details, the Zionist groups had already begun shooting their ammunition at it. Even as President Obama triumphantly proclaimed that he had helped make the world a safer place, Netanyahu declared to the global media that the deal was “an historic mistake.”

Later, Netanyahu added that the entire deal must be conditional on Iran recognizing the State of Israel and promising never to support terror groups in the Middle East. Putting the lack of realism here aside, it is hard to understand why Netanyahu, who does not trust Iran not to build a bomb even while under inspection, would trust Iran’s mere verbal promise not to support terror groups.

For many years, Netanyahu has been leading the fight against any sort of negotiations leading to a deal with Iran. Whatever was proposed, he rejected. When they proposed increasing the sanctions, Bibi argued that it would do no good; the only thing that would work was bombing Iran. When they sat down to negotiate, he proclaimed that it was wrong even to sit down with them because they support terror. When they came to a temporary agreement about a year ago, he shouted that Iran would never keep to the deal. When the current deal started to take shape, he put forth more and more demands for what should be included in the deal, and so on.

Throughout the whole time, Netanyahu never offered a viable alternative. He just kept on putting forth his demands, most of which were completely unrealistic. Every time he was asked what should be done if Iran didn’t give into his demands, his only alternative was a disguised or open call for “the military option” – to simply bomb the Iranian nuclear research centers. More than once, he threatened that if America would not stand behind his plans, the Israelis themselves would bomb Iran – despite the fact that in military circles, everyone agrees that the Israelis can’t fight and win a war against Iran without America’s technological, military and financial assistance.

Meir Dagan, the former longtime director of the Mossad, warned already a few years ago that “an attack would mean a war in the region and this would give Iran the best possible justification to continue its nuclear program.”

General Michael Hayden, a Republican who led the NSA until 2005 and then served as CIA director under former President George W. Bush, said that such an attack would “guarantee exactly what we are trying to avoid: that Iran will stop at nothing to succeed in its nuclear weapons program.”

Speaking last Friday to a group of Jewish leaders in New York, Secretary of State Kerry said that there was no other alternative to the current nuclear agreement hammered out by the US and five other world powers with Iran.

Kerry addressed the concerns of Netanyahu and his American supporters, mentioning Netanyahu’s well-known speech at the UN General Assembly in 2012 in which he dramatically showed a sketch of the Iranian atom bomb accompanying by red lines. “We all saw the Prime Minister with a cartoon about the bomb at the UN, but what has happened since then? Did anyone do anything about it? Did anyone come up with another plan for how to turn the situation around? Did anyone suggest a realistic solution other than bombing, which could only delay their program by two to three years?”

Kerry continued, “If the American Congress walks away from the deal that we have reached, then we are back to square one. Iran is out of control, we have no inspections, we have no way of knowing what they are doing, we are not slowing down their program. We are right back where we were before – heading for conflict.”

The irresponsibility of Netanyahu and his supporters, who don’t look at all options with a level head, but rather fight against anything that anyone ever proposes, leads us to the conclusion that the Zionists are motivated by something other than the well being of their citizens or the peace of Jews around the world. All the speeches by Bibi in the UN and in Congress, all his threats and red lines, accompanied by dramatic rhetoric and gestures, his arrogant slogans, are motivated by nationalism at best. For nationalistic pride he is ready to sell out the Jewish people.

For these reasons, we certainly trust the responsible world leaders more than the irresponsible Bibi and company.

Netanyahu’s mindless and careless conduct is reminiscent of Zionist rabbi Steven Wise, who turned his back on American Jewry’s pleas to help save the Jews of Europe during the Holocaust. This has always been the Zionist approach: to place their agenda higher than Jewish lives.

In the same category go the religious Zionist groups who, like a choir of singers, followed Bibi’s lead to the tee, and came out with sharp words against the Obama administration and the newly reached agreement. Self-appointed Orthodox spokesmen undertook a campaign of pressuring senators and congressmen to vote against the deal. Why were there no honest discussions, disagreements or differences of opinion among these groups? No one took the time to weigh the various sides of the question, no one had any doubts. All these activists suddenly became nuclear experts and politicians. The inescapable conclusion is that they are loyal to the nationalist idol, even at the expense of American Jewry.

Netanyahu and the pro-Israel lobby are working hard to make the current national discussion surrounding the Iran deal into a Jewish issue, instead of simply an American political issue. They portray it as a struggle between the so-called Jewish state and the United States, and Jews against a large percentage of Americans. Obviously, this is setting the Jews up to bear the blame if the deal ends up falling through and there is no peace. Netanyahu wants to win this fight and he wants American Jews and other Diaspora Jews to pay his bills, to G-d forbid suffer for his irresponsible behavior. He is thus a real enemy of the Jewish people.

This is why True Torah Jews has decided to run a radio ad on WABC New York over the next few weeks, to counteract the Zionist publicity and false image of American Jews.

The following is the text of the ad:

Ever since the Iran nuclear deal was signed by world powers, to promote peace and tranquility, Bibi Netanyahu and his associates in the United States have been campaigning against it using their “Jewish” card.

The ongoing negativity of Bibi and his associates, fueled by a hidden Zionist agenda, is of major concern to True Torah Jews. Regretfully, their attitude and actions have stirred a rise in anti-Semitism in Europe and now provoking in the United States.

Zionism feeds on anti-Semitism against Jews in the diaspora. How can organizations with a history of placing nationalism before Jewish safety be allowed to represent Jewish interests?

Traditional Jews wish to clarify that, as observant Jews, they faithfully obey God’s command to be loyal citizens, and pray for the success of our homelands.

The statements issued by Bibi and his associates do not represent traditional Jews; in fact, they do not relate to us and are irresponsible.

For more information please visit www.truetorahjews.org

Special thanks to Ron Kuby for recording our message; his good intention to give legitimacy to our important cause is well appreciated.

To listen to the radio ad click here.


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