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A fresh wave of terror has descended upon the Jewish community, severing the lives of innocent Jews; leaving parents without their children and children begging for their parents. Thursday, June 30th, 2016.  Thirteen year old Hallel Yaffa Ariel was murdered in her sleep when a Palestinian man infiltrated her home, snuffing out a young life in full bloom. 

The next day devastation visited the Mark family, when a Palestinian sniper gunned down their car, which was driving near Chevron, claiming the father, Rabbi Michael Mark, while severely wounding the mother.  

The heart of the Jewish nation is broken, our spirits debilitated, our pain mirrored with that of our brothers.  Our agony is coupled with righteous anger over the catalyst that brought this situation upon our hapless brethren. 

There is one common denominator between these two tragedies: the development and inhabitation of the settlements in the volatile West Bank. The murders of Rabbi Mark and young Hallel took place within the perimeters of such neighborhoods; a hefty price paid for Israel’s West Bank ambitions. 

What lessons did the leaders of these right wing groups learn? Attending the funeral of a slain Hallel, they exploited the opportunity to spread the very fire that swallowed the victims they were eulogizing. Uri Ariel, the Israeli agricultural minister, felt it his duty to proclaim in the name of the young victim that, ““We swore today to build more. We always have to build, but today even more so,” he said.  “The time has come for full sovereignty, with a stress on Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria.”  It is the development of the occupied territories that spike tensions and causes catastrophic results. Unfortunately, for Zionists these tragedies are translated as a pretext to promote the cause that has brought havoc upon themselves and their loved ones.  

It was Ben-Gurion who laid down the full implication of the Israeli expansionary attitude; “Wherever Tzahal (Israeli military) will reach, those will be our borders.” Isn’t luring Jews to occupy these pockets surrounding an increasingly hostile populace tantamount to digging their graves for the sake of Zionism?  

Unfortunately, aliyah advocacy groups such as Nefesh B’Nefesh and others have succeeded in luring Jews away from the safety of their American homes to pursue the Zionist dream thereby exposing themselves to dangerous conditions.  Now, taking into account the blood of our brothers’ – shouldn’t it be the duty of American Jews to expose the true colors of such groups and seek means to mitigate their power? How can we not heed the cry?  


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