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The territorial issues will be discussed in a permanent agreement. Till then we have no intention to build new settlements or set aside land for new settlements.

– Benjamin Netanyahu – Israeli Prime Minister – 2009

West Bank Settlement-Building Activity Quadrupled This Year

– Peace Now Settlement Watch

We had public assurances from the Israeli government that contradict this new announcement – so when you talk about how friends treat each other – this is also a source of concern. There is a lot of disappointment and great concern here at the White House…

– Josh Earnest – White House Spokesman

Recently, Israel’s Civil Administration Planning Commission approved a plan to build 98 housing units in a new settlement which is be established next to the existing Shvut Rachel settlement. The plan states that it would be possible to build up to 300 units as well an industrial zone. The new outpost is slated to provide alternate housing for the soon to be evicted residents of the illegal settlement of Amona, who are expected to be expelled this coming December. The term “illegal settlement” is in and of itself a redundant statement considering that all of the settlements are in violation of international law.

Though disheartening this new development is anything but unforeseen. The question was only one of when and not if this would happen. White House Spokesman Josh Earnest hit the proverbial nail on the head when he commented that, “…so when you talk about how friends treat each other – this is also a source of concern.” Sadly, when we examine the treatment doled out to their Jewish brothers, the treatment which so-called “friends” receive is none too surprising. The movement has always been willing to sacrifice anyone and everything for the fulfillment of their goals. At the Zionist Congress in London in 1937, Dr. Chaim Weizmann established the line of policy with his words:
“The hopes of Europe’s six million Jews are centered on emigration. I was asked, ‘Can you bring six million Jews to Palestine?’ I replied, ‘No’….From the depths of the tragedy I want to save two million young people…The old ones will pass. They will bear their fate or they will not. They were dust, economic and moral dust in a cruel world…Only the branch of the young shall survive…They have to accept it. (Holocaust Victims Accuse, pg. 25)

During the Second World War, when the only Jewish organization which seemed to possess monetary resources of any sort seemed to be the Jewish Agency, many rescue committees approached them with pleas for help in rescuing Europe’s besieged Jews. Their cries were unheeded. Nathan Schwalb, a representative of the Jewish Agency at the time, when approached by the Rescue Committee of Czech Jewry, replied that, “Since we have the opportunity of this courier, we are writing to the group that they must always remember that matter which is most important, which is the main issue that must always be before our eyes. After all, the allies will be victorious. After the victory they will once again divide up the world between the nations as they did at the end of the first war. Then they opened the way for us for the first step and now, as the war ends, we must do everything so that Eretz Yisroel should become a Jewish state. Important steps have already been taken in this matter. As to the cry that comes from your country, we must be aware that all the nations of the Allies are spilling much blood and if we do not bring sacrifices, with what will we achieve the right to sit at the table when they make the distribution of nations and territories after the war? And so it would be foolish and impertinent on our side to ask the nations whose blood is being spilled for permission to send money into the land of their enemies in order to protect our own blood. Because only through blood will the land be ours. As to yourselves – members of the group (Zionist Party members) – you will get out, and for this purpose we are providing you with funds by this courier.”

Continuing a long tradition of “familial abuse” Education Minister and Habayit Hayehudi leader Naftali Bennett recently added his own two cents concerning the issue of settlements. “On the matter of the Land of Israel, we have to move from holding action to a decision. We have to mark the dream, and the dream is that Judea and Samaria will be part of the sovereign State of Israel. We have to act today, and we must give our lives. We can’t keep marking the Land of Israel as a tactical target and a Palestinian state as the strategic target.”

Though Mr. Bennett later backtracked and stated that he had never meant to imply that people should willingly sacrifice themselves for the cause of the state, these later statements are nothing more than those of a politician desperately attempting to save face in the court of public appeal. Oddly, the world should be somewhat thankful for the zealous Habayit Hayehudi leader. Naftali Bennett has removed Israel’s costume to reveal the grostesque image which is the Zionist fueled nightmare “utopia” hallucinated by Theodor Herzl. The statements of Naftali Bennett and others like him are simply them shedding their masks to show the world what really lies beneath. Their fantasy is an acrid potpourri of self-serving apocalyptic militancy which romanticizes violence and radical nationalism. “I can’t not comment on the gathering storm over thousands of homes in Judea and Samaria,” Bennett said, promising to lead a strategic solution for all Israeli settlements: “I hereby announce: We take responsibility. No more tactical solutions – but strategic regularization.” Whenever the Zionist establishment “takes responsibly” for the welfare of Jews, wherever they may be, that inevitably spells trouble for their unlucky wards. “Taking responsibility” is simply a euphemism for “taking advantage”.

Though their sense of responsibility for the Jewish people might seem admirable to some, one need only look a little deeper, just below the surface, to see the same self-serving deceitful maneuvering that has characterized the Zionist establishment from its infancy. Two of Judaism’s most essential qualities are truth and gratitude. Appreciation is one of Traditional Judaism’s foremost ideals. The genesis of the Zionist movement has always been the smothering and replacement of the Torah Jew, one who clings tenaciously to his faith and displays the appropriate signs of Jewish character: gratitude, kindness and modesty. One need not be a scholar to see that Herzl’s image of the “New Jew” did not in any way include these traits. He and his disciples took Judaism and it’s heroes and distorted their images until they became nothing more than caricatures of poorly written Hollywood action heroes, hooligans who show no regard for anything outside of their own agenda. Perhaps interesting to watch but never to be emulated. When Benjamin Netanyahu, Naftali Bennett and others strut around like peacocks with their tails raised high, speaking much but conveying nothing, True Torah Jews must make it abundantly clear. This is decidedly not the the peace-loving, considerate and modest Jew that lived through the ages until the scourge of Zionism came raining down upon the earth and the nationalistic banter which they so often camouflage in the guise of Torah is not the Torah that was taught to us by authentic rabbis through the ages. Despite the state of Israel’s revisionist agenda, True Torah Jewry has never and will never submit to being represented by those whose aspirations are absolutely incompatible with Judaism. Actions have always spoken louder than words and the exploits of the Zionist government are the greatest proof that they could never presume to speak on our behalf. A Torah Jew pursues peace, practices kindness and possesses the character trait of modesty. Those who don’t cannot be considered spokesmen for the Jewish People.

The American government has been somewhat shaken as of late by Israel’s flippant attitude towards the problem of settlements in the West Bank. Unfortunately, the White House should be anything but shocked. When you’re ready sacrifice your family for your activism, what will you do with your friends?



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