Speech by Rabbi Yaakov Shapiro, July 6, 2010

Chosheve rabbonim, teiereh chasidim, people of the press, friends, and enemies, We are assembled here this afternoon, in the capitol of this malchus shel chesed, to raise our voices in a chorus of condemnation against the religious persecution of our Jewish brethren by a governmental regime in the Middle East.

The government I am referring to is not Afghanistan.

The government I am referring to is not Iraq.

The government I am referring to, the one persecuting our brothers, is the State of Israel.

The scene is all too familiar: Religious Jews in Israel peacefully assembling to protest a violation of their Holy Torah. Just like we are doing here, today.

And then they come. The Zionists. The police. They come on foot and on horseback. They come with clubs, with faces twisted into masks of hate; they come with clenched fists and with boots; they come with tear gas, and they attack Jews, they beat Jews. And they attack and beat and pummel and kick and gas Jews because Jews are peacefully demonstrating against the brazen violation of the Jewish religion by the Jewish State.

There are very few things more sacred to religious Jews than the dignity due to the deceased. All civilized people, regardless of their religious affiliation, understand this.

And yet, in utter disregard to the pleading, negotiating, and begging of the Orthodox Jewish population of Israel, with utter indifference to the anguish caused to the practitioners of Judaism in the Jewish State, in utter contempt of what the Zionist government knows to be a fundamental conviction of the Jewish people, they tread Jewish graves beneath metal wheels of bulldozers, and then unearth the pulverized remains of Jews who had been resting there, previously undisturbed for centuries.

And they continue to do this and they will continue to do this unless we raise our voices, unless we show them that we have had enough!

And that Mr, Natanyahu – you want to hear the unmitigated gall of such a person? He spoke not long ago at the site of the Auschwitz concentration camp. There, he concocted his own grotesque and perverted interpretation of a prophecy of the Navi Yeshizkel.

(Now first, I want to make you a deal, Mr. Netanyahu – I won’t tell you how to run your economy, and you don’t tell the rabbis how to interpret the bible. Leave that to people who know what they are talking about.)

But this is what he said:

The Navi Yechezkel had a prophecy. He said, “So says Hashem: I am going to open your graves and lift you out of your graves, My people, my Klall Yisroel, and bring you to Eretz Yisroel.”

We know what that prophecy is referring to. But do you know what Netanyahu said? He said that this prophecy is fulfilled by the State of Israel!

Yet the only bones I see being lifted up out of graves today in the State of Israel, are the ill fated remains of our ancestors, torn from their graves by Natnyahu and his Zionist lackeys, and instead of growing flesh and becoming live again, they are discarded, as fodder for the dogs and vermin.

And there, while this was happening, in Asheklon, in Yafo, long suffering men peacefully protested the base violation of human dignity and decency. Many of them were brutally assaulted. One eighty year old man –a prominent religious leader–was tear-gassed and hospitalized. Children – minors – were left battered and bloodied.

This is a Jewish State? This is a democracy?

More and more, Jews are gaining the courage to speak out against religious persecution of the so-called Jewish State. A few weeks ago, the cries of pain have summoned into convocation over 100,000 Orthodox Jews who joined their voices in public protest against the attempt by the Zionist courts to dictate religious standards for the religious education of our children.

Is it too much to ask of a so-called Jewish State – is it too unreasonable to demand of a democracy – that it provide its citizens with the basic liberties enjoyed by all free people all over the world?

Have you no shame, Mr. Netanyahu? Are you not embarrassed? Because I’ll tell you – I am embarrassed that I have to come here today and blow the whistle. But what recourse have you given us? In every stage of these oppressions, we have attempted resolution in the most humble of ways. But our repeated attempts have been answered only by repeated injury. What then are we to do? Are we to sweep the abuse under the rug? Shall we allow the oppression to continue unabated? Must we remain silent while our religion, for which every single one of us here would gladly give our lives, and for which, probably, a number of those whose remains have been unearthed did give their lives, is trampled and violated over and over and over again?

The truth is, the Zionist government does persecute Orthodox Jews. And they persecute Orthodox Judaism. But the worst crime, the most insidious persecution that the State of Israel has ever perpetrated against the Jewish people, happened in 1948, when they dared to call themselves the State of Israel, when they dared to refer to themselves as a Jewish State.

You know, one day, some other country, not Israel – somewhere in Eastern Europe maybe – they’re going to try to build maybe a mall or a parking lot over Jewish graves, and our great askanim from the Asra Kadisha and others, are going to try to stop it, and do you know what those countries are going to say? “Well, if they did it in Israel, and Israel represents the Jews, then why can’t we do it over here? Do we have to be more Jewish than the Jewish State?”

Do you know that for more than a week after the flotilla incident, the Jews in Turkey were scared to leave their houses? They didn’t even go to the synagogue. Because the local residents of Turkey blamed them, and held them accountable for the acts of the State of Israel. Whatever Israel did, why in the world should Jews in Turkey be blamed? What do they have to do with what Israel did?

This is the most insidious crime that that State has committed against our people – the theft of our identity! They call themselves Israel. But:

We are the Jewish people!

We are Israel – right here!

We are an ancient people who for thousands of years have been practicing our religion – scholars, laymen. They haven’t even been in existence long enough to collect social security! They are impostors!

Everybody knows the history of the Zionism. They weren’t happy with the way Jews were. They thought, in their great “brilliance,” that in order to eliminate anti-Semitism, and in order to protect the Jewish people, we have to change what the Jewish people are, from a religion, from a mamleches kohanim, from a goy kodosh, from a nation of vayiten lecha elokim mital hashamayim – to a nation of soldiers and warriors, to a nation of becharvecha sichyeh.

What in the world is a “Jewish State”? Can you tell me? I know what a Jewish person is; I know what a Jewish philosophy is. But the adjective “Jewish” does not accommodate the noun “state.” It’s like saying a “Jewish tree”, or a “Jewish car”. What does it mean? The only way the Zionists were able to create a “Jewish State,” for the adjective “Jewish” accommodate the noun “State” was to change the definition of “Jewish.”

The hate, the seething, psychopathic hate that the Zionist has for the Jew, is not born out of bigotry, and it is not born out of ignorance.

It is born out of fear.

Fear, because they thought that by now there would be none of us left. They thought that, by now, all the Jews in the world – or all that matter, anyway – would be remade in the image of the Zionist. They thought that by now, the world would be at peace with them, that anti-Semitism would be gone, that they’d be able to vanquished their enemies with their armies.

And now they see that it was all a fake. They see their hopes shattered to pieces.

They see that we still live.

They see that we are here and we are rapidly increasing. They see us raising our voices. They see that they have not replaced us. They see they cannot replace the am yisrael.

They see they are failures.

And that’s why they hate us. The more we exist and flourish, the greater a failure they are, because their main goal was to change our nation into theirs; to replace us with them.

This is the greatest crime committed against the Jewish people by the Zionists – identity theft.

We Jews are blamed, in the eyes of the world, we are held accountable, for the actions of the State of Israel. Because they have been telling the world, for over a half a century, that they are the regime of the Jewish people – the so-called “Jewish State.”

We Jews need to tell the world – because, even though this is the worst crime committed by the Zionists, it is also the easiest for us to fix – we need to tell the world, that Judaism is not Zionism. We need to tell the world that the State of Israel does not represent the Jewish people.

That the Zionist government are not our elected officials.

That the Zionists are not our spokespeople. That they do not speak in our name.

We need to tell the world that the credit card they are using to do whatever it is they are doing, was stolen from us!

We don’t want credit for what they do and we don’t want accountability for what they do.

To those whose eternal resting places have been molested by the Zionists, we deliver to you this promise: We will never relent. We will never permit those who desecrated those graves to distort or wipe away their memory. We will always remember what Amalek’s heirs have done to your resting place. We will be vigilant. We are prepared to speak out when a new Amalek appears on the stage of history and threatens again to destroy the religion of the Jews.

And you, Mr. Netanyahu, do you recognize these words? You should – but this is Judaism untwisted and undistorted. To you, Mr. Netanyahu we promise: We will never relent. We will fight until we triumph. And triumph we will, because, Mr. Netanyahu, we do not fight alone.

At our side stand generations of the Jewish people.

At our side stand the six million kedoshim.

At our side stand the souls of those whose resting places you have abused.

And at our side, is our Ribbono shel Olam, Who has kept us alive for two thousand years of golus, (one of the reasons being that we were not Zionists).

Mr. Netanyahu, you can bring your air force and your army to fight us, but we will triumph, because with what we have on our side, you are outnumbered.


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