Rabbi Yisroel Perlow, Stoliner Rebbe (1868-1921)

A copy of the testament of Rabbi Yisroel of Stolin, passed away on second day of Rosh Hashanah, 5682 (1921), buried in Frankfurt, Germany.

I hope to live long, but everyone dies eventually, so I am warning my followers that after 100 years there should not be among them any of the group of flatterers and hypocrites, for no flatterer can come before G-d. Let all of them be in one group, and this will be the sign by which you will choose a leader: whichever of my children will have all of these qualities and will not be from the group of flatterers, and hypocrites, and distance himself from lies and not be mixed in with the group of sorcerers, and certainly keep far from the Zionists and Mizrachists, but will only be a friend to those who fear Hashem, and will not send his children to secular schools, even those run by Jews, and will not make any effort to achieve leadership – he will be your Rebbe. (Printed in Beis Aharon)

Harboring heretical opinions is also idolatry, for example, Zionism. (Yalkut Divrei Aharon, Divrei Yisroel, p. 119; Mishkenos Haro’im p. 358)


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