Rabbi Tzvi Hirsch Chajes, known as the Maharatz Chajes, Talmudic Commentator (1805-1855)

The Maharatz Chajes writes that ever since Yirmiyahu the prophet commanded, “Seek the welfare of the nation to which I have exiled you” (29:7), and the oaths in Kesubos 111a went into effect, forbidding the Jewish people from going up as a wall or rebelling against the nations, the Jewish people has remained faithful. “We have been scattered among the nations in all parts of the world for a long time, under the rule of various nations and religions, and never has it been heard that we should be disloyal to our government.” (Kol Sifrei Maharatz Chajes, Toras Haneviim, in a letter to the Chasam Sofer)


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Rebelling against the nations