Rabbi Solomon Breuer, rav of Frankfurt (1850-1926)

But more than the most radical reform, Jewish truth is threatened by the movement propagated under the name of Zionism, which, if given ever greater influence would, God forbid, only serve to prolong our Galuth. Yet there are numerous Yehudim who do not shrink back from joining this movement which displays the most sinister ‘k’firo’ on its banner in the hope to return the homeland under its leadership. — When will the curse of ‘bechia shel chinem’ finally fade away? When will the truth of ‘zu hakneses yisroel l’aretz’ conquer all Jewish hearts? (‘Chokhmo U’musar’ volume ‘Bamidbar-Devarim’ p. 39-40. Felheim Publishers [Jerusalem New York 5737/ 1977])


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