Rabbi Shaul Brach, Rabbi of Kasho, Hungary (1865-1940)

We have long ago been foresworn by the holy prophets not to force the end and not to enter the Land of Israel by force of arms. But these wayward sons say that with their strong arms and money they will save Israel. They say openly, “G-d has forgotten us and we will save ourselves.” (Givas Shaul, 386)

Anyone who believes in the Torah of Moses should keep very far from the Zionists and Mizrachists. He should avoid eating and drinking together with them. It would really be proper to expel them from the Jewish people, as our forefathers did to the Sadducees and the Karaites. Every person should guard his soul and avoid intermarriage with them. They have sent heretics and rebels to the Holy Land to anger G-d in His palace. It is especially important to keep away from them in our country, where all the greatest rabbis have unanimously forbade joining them. One should not debate with them, but rather keep as far as possible from them. (Avos Al Banim, introduction p. 24)

Rabbi Shaul Brach, rabbi of Kasho, Hungary (1865-1940), wrote: “The worst of all are those who transgress the oath that He made us swear not to go up as a wall to Eretz Yisroel. They think they have the power to fight against the officials of the government, and they are leading the Jewish youth like sheep to the slaughter to fight in Eretz Yisroel against the [British] government and against the Arabs. But it is explicit in the holy Zohar (end of Vo’eira) that the Ishmaelites will prevent Israel from living in Eretz Yisroel.” (Kuntres Shomer Emunim)

Since the dawn of the Zionist movement, suffering has not ceased to exist in the world. All the warnings of the Torah have been fulfilled in their details among our people all over the world. For a believer it is no surprise that the Zionists are the same as the heretics at the time of the Destruction of the Temple. Divine judgment has been unleashed on the entire world. (Avos Al Banim, p. 14)

As far as our brethren in America who support the Zionist heresy in the Holy Land are concerned, if they do not recognize the truth, even in free America they will quickly feel the effects of the verse, “With anger poured out will I rule over you” (Ezekiel 20:33). May G-d have mercy.

Rabbinical Court of the Orthodox Community of Kasho, Hungary

Urgent Notice

It is our obligation to make a public announcement because we know the extent to which the issues are important. Despite all its propaganda, the Zionist movement stands in total opposition to the foundations of the Jewish faith transmitted to us throughout the generations. Zionism itself rejects the Jewish religion. This is the position of our great and pious rabbis in the past and the present, in the Holy Land and abroad, without exception.

In the early years of Zionism, when it pretended to express love for the Holy Land and the holiness of the opportunity to live there, a few rabbis were caught in its snare. Today, however, when Zionism shows its true face as a false messianic movement, our rabbis stand at war against it just as rabbis of former generations had opposed the false messiahs of their times, including during the time of the false messiah Sabbetai Zevi, may his name be obliterated, and the later movement of the Frankists.

Association with the Zionists is forbidden according to the Torah and our tradition. Zionism is a disgusting abomination.

This announcement is based on all aspects of Jewish law. Every Jew who fears G-d will certainly accept our statement under the Code of Jewish Law and shall not stray from it to the left or the right.

May those who follow it be blessed.
December 14, 1925, Kasho, Hungary

Rabbi Shaul Brach
Rabbi Hanoch H. Pack
Rabbi Shmuel Jungreis


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