Rabbi Refoel Blum, the Kasho Rav (1910-2005)

It has been some time since the greatest rabbis, leaders of the fight against Zionism, have passed away. They have left our generation, unfortunately, without a window to let in the light of truth. Therefore we must strengthen ourselves, not weaken in our battle, and not sit with folded hands and laziness; but rather raise our voices constantly against all the sins of the Zionists. Whenever the leaders of the Zionist state commit terrible desecrations of G-d‟s name, speaking heretical and insulting words in the name of the Jewish people, we are obligated to come out against them with constant protests and demonstrations. We must not limit our protest to speaking behind closed doors where nobody sees or hears. The protests must not be against one specific sin or the other, but rather to let the voice of the Torah be heard: that the very existence of the state is like a bonfire, burning, G-d forbid, the parchment and the letters of the Torah. It is not enough just to say that a certain problem needs to be rectified. Rather, the main stress should be that the entire state is forbidden according to the holy Torah. It is entirely founded on uprooting the Torah, and it is poison for everything holy to us. We must announce in the streets before the eyes of all the gentile nations that the Zionists are not the leaders of the Jewish people, that they have no right whatsoever to speak in the name of the Jewish people, and that there are still Jews left who are faithful to G-d and His Torah. We must let all this be heard with a powerful voice, not a weak voice. (Ketzei Hashomayim, p. 56)


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