Rabbi Meshulam Dovid Soloveitchik, Rosh Yeshiva of Brisk (b. 1921)

The Zionists claimed that they would save the Jews from government persecution [in Russia], and already then Rabbi Chaim Brisker, of blessed memory, said that their entire purpose in founding a state was in order to have a way to uproot the Torah from the Jewish people and to transform them into a nation like all other nations. Their purpose was not at all to benefit the Jewish people. And today we see the “great benefit” of the state: there was never so much anti-Semitism and hatred toward the Jews in the entire world as there is today. And ever since this state was founded, Jewish blood has been spilled here in rivers, because the evil inclination, the Satan and the Angel of Death are all one and the same. Zionism is the evil inclination, and therefore it is also the Angel of Death. But the number of casualties doesn’t bother anyone; they continue life as usual. When America fought against Iraq they cared about every soldier, and in the end they discovered that a total of about 40 soldiers were killed in the war itself, and a few dozen more from Scud missiles. And at first they fought only from the air to avoid casualties. That’s how important it was not to have casualties, even though America is a big country with millions of people, and the war was important to them – still they were careful not to lose soldiers. But here in the Holy Land people are constantly getting wounded and killed, and thousands upon thousands of young people have already died in the Zionists’ wars, yet nobody cares.

The explanation of this is based on the Gemara in Kesubos 111a, that the Jewish people were made to swear not to go up as a wall and not to rebel against the nations of the world, and the Gemara says there, “The Holy One, blessed is He, said to Israel: If you keep the oath, good, but if not, I will declare your flesh ownerless like the gazelles and deer of the field.” That’s exactly the situation today. Since they have violated these oaths – they came up as a wall and they rebelled against the nations, Jewish blood has become literally ownerless, like the animals of the field. No one pays attention to the tens and hundreds of Jews who are slaughtered here in the Holy Land.

And there are no bounds to the wickedness and audacity of the Zionists in their provocations against the nations of the world. Recently it happened that on the day the American secretary of state arrived in Eretz Yisroel, they established a new settlement, to teach him that they will not succeed in stopping them from doing this. This was only done for the purpose of aggravating and provoking. Couldn’t they have waited a little? And then they complained that their ministers were not honored properly in America. But I say that the Americans are doing them a big kindness by not kicking them out of America, because the rest of the world is opposed to Israel – Russia and all the European countries – and the Americans with great difficulty support them, and yet they provoke the Americans with such chutzpah and arrogance. (Shiurei Rabbeinu Meshulem Dovid Halevi, vol. Sichos V’inyanei Hashaah, p. 662)


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