Rabbi Eliyahu Chaim Meisel, Rabbi of Lodz (1821-1912)

The Zionists do not seek out Zion. They say, our hands will triumph, our lips are under our power. They do not wait for the redemption of Hashem. They have donned the cloak of Zion to fool the weak-hearted and entrap them in their net. They are like the bardeles which, when it meets a man, dances, laughs and cries in order to lure him into its lare; and once it has caught him, it sucks out his brains. Therefore every man who has the fear of Hashem in his heart should stay far from them. A Jew must believe that our salvation is not in the hands of man. Salvation belongs only to Hashem. A Jew must walk in the path of the Torah as our rabbis have taught us, to love Hashem and his people and all of mankind, and then Hashem will be our light and from on high He will send us the true redeemer. G-d forbid for a Jew to look for tricks and devise schemes. We have only to hope to Hashem. He is our hope and He will have mercy on us.” (Ohr Layesharim, p. 53)


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Ohr Layesharim