Rabbi Dovid Moshe Avraham Ashkenazi (early 1700s)

Rabbi Dovid Moshe Avraham Ashkenazi, who lived in the time of the Baal Shem Tov, wrote a commentary on the Mechilta called Mirkeves Hamishneh. In Parshas Noach the Torah says, “However, I will hold you responsible for your own blood; every animal I will hold responsible” (Bereishis 9:5). The Midrash says that the animals refer to the Four Kingdoms that subjugated the Jewish people in exile. According to this, the Mirkeves Hamishneh says that the word “however” is coming to exclude independent action undertaken by the Jewish people. “Only I will avenge your blood from the Four Kingdoms and from Esav,” says Hashem. “You are not allowed to do it yourselves.” (Mirkeves Hamishneh on Shemos 14:14)


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