Rabbi Dan Segal, the Mashgiach (b. 1939)

The secular leaders of the State of Israel are placing us in danger. Here there is a greater danger than any other place, because things are more serious here due to the holiness of Eretz Yisroel. They put us in danger by rebelling against the Three Oaths. That’s why the situation in Eretz Yisroel is more dangerous than elsewhere. Only the Torah and mitzvos that Jews keep here provide protection.

As our Sages say, if the gentile nations only knew what benefit the Temple brings them, they would place guards to prevent it from being destroyed. They come to undermine the Torah, unaware that the Torah is protecting them. If they knew, they would give anything to help scholars sit and study. In any case, they are truly endangering us.

I will tell you the truth. You see what happened, G-d spare us, at Yeshiva Merkaz Harav. Why did it happen there, of all places? You’ll say, the terrorist just happened to walk in there? Nonsense. There is a message from Heaven here. And why was it religious settlers in particular who were expelled at Gush Katif? Because this whole idea, this worldview that holds this is the redemption, this entire state and all that is in it, is the opposite of our faith and is a violation of the Three Oaths. It’s terrible. And those who keep Torah and mitzvos are held to a higher standard when their worldview is wrong.

Someone came to tell me that they announced the massacre on the radio, and a second later they said, “Now we return to the basketball stadium,” as if nothing happened. The person came to me in a state of shock. “Why are you so shocked?” I asked him. “The leaders here don’t care about anything. For a little glory, they are constantly killing people. Like that wicked man (Ben-Gurion) and the one with the missing eye (Moshe Dayan) made the war in Sinai in order to go down in history. They murder in a terrible way. What copious tears the Satmar Rebbe cried over the blood that was shed! That’s how everything goes. Everything is their personal calculations and they don’t care about anything. They are exactly like the worst of the nations, on the lowest level. It’s terrible! They have taken power here and they do whatever they wish. (Speech given to his students on Monday, March 10, 2008)


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