Rabbi Chaim Palaggi, Chacham Bashi of Smyrna (1788-1869)

“And He let them fall into the hands of the nations, and their enemies ruled over them. And their enemies oppressed them, and they humbled themselves under their hand. Many times He saved them.” (Tehillim 106:41-43)

This means that despite the fact that their enemies oppressed them, the Jewish people did not rebel. On the contrary, they humbled themselves under their hand; they did not rebel against the governments. And that is the reason why G-d saved them many times.

(Tochachas Chaim, Parshas Va’eira, p. 33a)

The Holy One, blessed is He, said to Israel: “I adjure you that if the government makes harsh decrees against you, do not rebel against them in any way, unless they decree to annul Torah and mitzvos” – Midrash Tanchuma Noach, and Midrash Shir Hashirim 2:7.

(Nefesh Chaim, Section Shin, under Shevua, os gimel)


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