Endorsements – Rabbi Meyer Weberman, rabbi of Cong. Nesevos Olum

For many years I have been writing letters in support of the important organization “Natruna,” which was founded by several Torah scholars and G-d-fearing Jews, with one single purpose: to publicize to the entire world the true Torah view regarding taking a redemption on our own before the coming of the messiah. And over the years this organization has succeeded in publicizing this in many different ways. And now, as part of their worldwide activities in spreading Torah, they have decided to print a beautiful collection of Torah thoughts on the weekly portion, in the English language which is spoken in the United States, on the subject of exile and redemption, explaining the views of our rabbis of past and present, as recorded in their writings and speeches. Therefore I bless them in their work and I call upon all Jews to take this book home and learn from it, and teach your children and their children the true path.

Rabbi Weberman letter