Endorsements – Rabbi Avrohom Leitner, rabbi of Montevideo Congregation

Rabbi Avraham Leitner

The book “Efes Biltecha Goaleinu” was brought before me, containing words of Chazal and great rabbis of all generations, down to the present day, proving that we must take no physical action toward our redemption, and we must not rebel against the nations. I hope this book will be very useful to Jews to show them that this was not the innovation of the Satmar Rebbe, but it is based on Chazal and all the rabbis. And I hope the book will be instrumental in helping the younger generation not to stray after the words of heresy that are heard in the street. Also, I wish to write in praise of the activists of Natruna, who work hard to publicize this truth.

Rabbi Leitner letter