Statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day

In the Orthodox Jewish community, every single family was started by a heroic Holocaust survivor rising from the ashes. We bore witness to their strength, faith, and resilience.

Yet, the Holocaust is not something they discussed or wanted to live by.

It was only the message of Emunah (faith) that they wished to impart.

Conversely, the Holocaust is invoked very often by the Israeli government and Zionists in general. The Holocaust has become a national symbol with Auschwitz as their sacred site.

The question is why?

The answer is simple.

Zionists jumped onto the Holocaust to justify a movement that went against the beliefs of Judaism and against the very essence of the Jewish people. 

Zionism started way before the Holocaust, but through the Jewish suffering, they wished to substantiate their movement.

Did Zionists show their colors as ‘saviors’ during the Holocaust to save European Jewry? No. 

Their primary concern was gaining footing for their post-war statehood schemes. Therefore, any proposal that solely included the rescue of their brethren they shut down. (Read Abandonment of Jews, by David Wymann) 

“With blood, we will conquer the land,” Zionists said. 

The blood of our precious brethren, the blood of the people they claimed to ‘protect’. 

Nowadays, they still need to justify the blood of Jews being killed time and time again for their nationalism. Israel saw more Jews killed than in all countries of the world combined. So of course, they use their token word, the Holocaust. 

Jews are just collateral damage for the steep mortgage Zionists have taken out in our name. They want us to believe that Israel is the only answer to another Holocaust which ‘justifies’ so many losses. This claim is disingenuous on many levels. But at this point, the Holocaust, the suffering of our people, became another slogan, another catchphrase for Zionism.

May GD protect us from such ‘saviors’. 

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