Torah Jews mission on Social Media Platforms:

We have recently received an avalanche of messages questioning our organizations’ identity and mission on social media.

So, to clarify dear reader:

Our organization named “Natruna” which is also known as “Torah Jews” was established more than 20 years ago by a group of Satmar scholars under the guide of leading Rabbinical Authority in Satmar and in the Yeshivah world. Our team has authored books in English, Yiddish and Biblical Hebrew addressing how Zionism is opposed to Judaism and the ramifications of it. Each has received endorsement by both factions of Satmar and other prestigious Rabbis. 

Please note, have no affiliation with any accounts on Twitter or organizations outside ours.️

Torah Jews remain dedicated to spread the light of Judaism by explaining how Zionism distorts its true meaning. We are profoundly concerned about the safety risks Zionism poses upon the Jewish people since its very inception. From politicizing anti-Semitism to setting the false impression that Jews have dual loyalty to the State of Israel.

Our community did organize large protests mainly in Manhattan but the media purposely did not cover it. We therefore resorted to spread the truth of our message through our accounts (@TorahJews) on all social media platforms.

For all endorsements, and commonly asked questions, please feel free to visit our website. It’s under construction at the moment but we are confident you’ll still find what you’re looking for.