Jews Against Zionism Launches Radio Campaign

Nov. 30, 2007

In light of the recent Annapolis Conference and the efforts of various Orthodox Jewish groups, including Agudah, to spread their claim that Jerusalem should be under Jewish rule, Jews Against Zionism has embarked on a radio campaign. The text of the first radio advertisement is as follows:

“This message is brought to you by True Torah Jews, an international organization of hundreds of thousands of Jews who are true to Torah and Judaism.

In response to the controversy around the question of Israeli territorial concessions at the Annapolis Conference, they wish to clarify the true Torah view on this matter.

Ever since Jews were sent into exile by Heavenly decree, Jews were forbidden to have a state of their own. Instead, they were commanded to patiently wait for the day of the redemption, when there will be peace among all men in a redeemed and sanctified world.

Certain Jewish groups may bring quotes from the Bible to support their argument that the Land of Israel must remain completely under Jewish control. But in truth, these quotes refer only to ancient times, not to our current era of exile.

The Torah commands Jews to be loyal citizens of their native countries. This organization strongly supports the United States government, headed by the honorable President George W. Bush and his dedicated administration, and continually prays for its success and well being.

True Torah Jews is supported by leading Orthodox Rabbis and hundreds of thousands of Torah observant Jews. To find out more about the Torah opinion on the Middle Eastern crisis, visit Thats”

This ad will run on Friday, November 30 at 3:15 on WABC New York (during the Sean Hannity show).


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