The Activist Who Cried Wolf (Anti-Semitism)

Raised voices and flared tempers seem have to become the norm in the aftermath of this year’s roller coaster election, with a wide assortment of groups and individuals orating on every possible aspect of the election and the incoming administration. Not surprisingly, one of the most strident voices amongst the above mentioned groups is that of the Anti-Semitism watchdog police, who feel a need to put every potential cabinet member or political party chairman under a microscope, especially regarding his or her support for the State of “Israel” (or lack thereof). Like their cousins in the Zionist lobbying community, those organizations who specialize in keeping track of and supposedly stamping out Anti-Semitism often times find themselves in a PR quandary. What does one do when business is slow? You create a new customer base, or in this case, you create Anti-Semites, frequently from thin air. Though creating a bigot factory to keep yourself relevant in your fight against prejudice might sound like a complex undertaking, the actual logistics are surprisingly straight-forward. If no readily spin-able comments have been made by public figures recently, simply excavate a mummified excerpt from a speech from years earlier and treat it as if it represents this individual’s current platform, even if his/her politics have done an about-face since then. There is a prerequisite that something negative about something pertaining to anything possibly construed as Jewish was said, but what that entails is up to those doing the labeling. Luckily for them, it’s a free-flowing system.

The tsunami of criticality that surfaced after the election was not long in coming, with groups whose supposed purpose is to battle Anti-Semitism, racism and general prejudice regularly issuing statements against any and all who aren’t dancing precisely to the beat of their drum. If this pattern continues, the coming year could easily be labeled “The Year of The Offended”. From congressmen running for chairs in their respective political parties to the cabinet appointees of President-Elect Donald Trump, everyone must pass muster. Excerpts of speeches from close to 10 years ago are examined and a former friend is instantaneously catapulted into the role of suspected enemy. A critique of “Israel” or a similar theme can shatter long held political alliances overnight. And woe to the politician who has the temerity to suggest that legislators should consider America’s best interests first.

Given these groups penchant for hyperbole it’s difficult to take them seriously at the best of times. But what is cause for concern is their lighting fast tendency to pass down a verdict when an elected/appointed official makes, in their eyes, the slightest verbal misstep. They pass sentence quickly, conferring on the accused the ignominious title “Anti-Semite”. Or at least Anti-Semitism’s timid personal assistant. All for the sake of preserving their status as “fighters for justice” on behalf of the Jewish People.

Affronted by those who don’t score highly on their standardized non-offensive speech aptitude test, these factions endeavor to send them out of the classroom in shame. A simplistic question raises it’s hand at the back of the classroom. Who asked them to do this? We never recalled receiving a letter asking us if we would like their representation. What purpose are they serving, aside from aggravating those around them? Issuing Anti-Semitism report cards on elected officials from usually tenuous evidence is intellectually dishonest and smothers the democratic process. And it is precisely that process that has made America a welcome refuge for so many, not the least of them the Jewish People. What’s more, it’s a stark departure from the age-old traditional Jewish practice of dealing with elected officials and their appointees with respect and courtesy, praying for their wellbeing and success in aiding their country’s citizens.

True Torah Jews strongly condemns those Jewish groups who engage in the above mentioned shrill rhetoric. Politics don’t stagnate, this election being a prime example, and anyone displeased with the current situation can reasonably hope for change on the horizon. However, Judaism’s stance is clear. Public officials are to be given the benefit of the doubt and side issues such as support of the State of “Israel” or similar issues should never be wielded as an Anti-Semitism club against those elected to public office. To brandish the word “Anti-Semitism” as a weapon has no place in Judaism or common decency. Like the Zionists, Jews everywhere are being utilized (without consent) as horsepower to drive these non-profits, giving them desperately needed legitimacy. We fail to see how their constant statements aid the Jewish People.


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