Make Americans Safe Again

Since the state came into existence, “Israel” has been claiming to represent Jews both within their country and abroad. They claim that the modern state of Israel is a home for all Jews and the only place in the world where Jews can truly be safe. They have been making this claim throughout the decades, even as the number of Jewish casualties to terrorism and violence rises within their borders. The unsubstantiated claim that “Israel” is the Jewish homeland has not only called into question Jewish loyalty to their home nations, it has also place Jews around the world in danger whenever “Israel” acts in a way that is deemed illegal or unacceptable by the international community. 

“Israel’s” West Bank settlements have been riddled with violence and murder on both sides. Under the guise of strengthening borders and improving safety for Israelis, these illegal settlements have placed Jews in danger, both in “Israel” and abroad. The State of “Israel” willingly risks their citizens’ lives in order to further the country’s expansionist policies.  The new units will be sold off in short order at bargain-basement prices, encouraging Jews to buy in. “Israel’s” Aliya organizations will encourage the international Jewish community to “come home” to the safety of the “Jewish nation”.

US President Donald Trump has taken steps over the past week to strengthen US borders and crack down on illegal immigration. His reasoning is that a temporary ban on incoming immigrants from certain countries will protect US citizens from the threat of terrorism. On the same note, we at True Torah Jews believe that President Trump should issue a ban on US emigration to certain countries, particularly, “Israel’s” West Bank settlements. 

The US’s Jewish citizens should support whatever action that the President takes to protect his people; if that means a temporary ban on moving to West Bank settlements, so be it. The backing on the US’s Jewish community on a move such as this would surely decrease antisemitism by showing the world that Jews care about peace and are not merely “land grabbers”.

Illegal settlements, which endanger lives must be dismantled before the President should consider lifting the ban. A President’s job is to protect his citizens and we believe that this ban would certainly be a step in the right direction and would show the World that the US is serious about fostering a peace agreement. 

We implore the President to consider this ban to protect his Jewish citizens and to show the world that he will not remain silent as “Israel” continues to violate the tenants of  both Jewish and international law.



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