“Unity” or Oppression of Opinion?

“What’s wrong with you people?! Why do you tear down other Jews instead of building them up? We have to be united.”

Translation: “How dare you disagree with us?! Why do you tear down our ideology instead of blindly agreeing with us? We can’t allow any dissent.”

The above comment with its accompanying between-the-lines translation is indicative of the attitudes of many. The call for “unity” in the name of Jewish brotherhood being a seemingly invincible trump card to counter all criticism of Zionism. Herd shaming has become de rigueur for Pro-Israelists, a convenient and fun-filled way to instantly label dissenting opinions as heartless and their proponents as self-hating Jews.

The method in which some plead for rapprochement is telling.

“Why even talk about it? The state is here for over close to seventy years, any talk is superfluous. Let’s just live together in peace.”

Notice the undertone of the message. “We’ve won. Just admit defeat graciously and move on. Stop talking about it.”

“Can’t we all just get along?” is the standard liturgy for Zionist supporters. The victors, Zionists, affably tell the losers, anti-Zionists, that it’s time Judaism, untouched by nationalist tendencies, threw in the towel, G-d forbid. The denouement of this opera is that the victorious creed will allow the vanquished Torah Jew to believe in something but, from now on, there will be a new hierarchy. State first, G-d second.

One god, under nation.

“Unity” is a useful word. Those who can’t/won’t agree to the new Unity’s terms can automatically designated as impossibly contentious, unwilling to live and let live. It’s akin to one combatant offering “peace” in terms that he knows are impossible for the other side to accept. “Israel”, incidentally, is a masterful practitioner of this style.

Following the prevailing logic, casting doubt on the “Israel” is subversive and clinging to what they considering a troublesome and inexplicably tenacious position become symptoms of baseless hatred against fellow Jews, a hackneyed allegation.

To level with our readers, True Torah Jews does what it does because of its concern for the safety and well-being of other Jews in particular and the world in general. They fight so Judaism’s authenticity won’t be muddied or lost. The unity that’s being promoted by anti-Zionist detractors is that of a mass of lemmings racing headlong into oblivion. With the death toll of Jews alone nearing fifty thousand since the establishment of the state, the price of “unity” seems to be rising inexorably higher.

Solidarity amongst Jews is a good thing. If it were to be characterized by Torah values and a commitment to truth. Today, though, this concept is an oratorical weapon brandished at those who won’t tow the party line. For those who won’t drink the Kool-Aid.
Asking for the Pro-“Israel” Lobby to reconsider their views is far-fetched at the moment, but we at True Torah Jews do have one request.

Just say what you actually mean instead of camouflaging it in the guise of brotherly harmony.